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Limited time bulk shipping sale of Juke products!

19 July 2016 by Juke ltd.

Hello all,

I’ll bet you all hate those buggers just as much as we do, so in an effort to aid our brave soldiers on the front lines, we will be having a 30% off SALE on all applicable products, as well as bulk metal shipments!* You won’t find an offer as good as this one anywhere else in the solar system!

~Juke, ltd.

*sale ends November 27th, 18:00 UTC, tax and shipping may vary by location.

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Formic Weakness

03 July 2016 by Admiral Thrawn

My men discovered another effective tactic against the Formics today, when they shot down a Formic skimmer they accessed one of the guns. We then used the gun as anti air craft support more effectively destroying the Formic troop carriers.

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Orbit of formic mothership

31 January 2016 by Gareth McCarthy

The ground and space telescope observations of the mothership made it possible to calculate a rough orbit. Here are the preliminary details:

Orbit date = 2077/11/14
Eccentricity = 1.27
Perihelion = 1.00074 AU
Inclination = 31.4 degrees (south of/below ecliptic)

The orbit has led me to conclude that the mothership arrives from near the apparent position of the galactic plane, but much closer- which would explain why we had not found their planet of origin. Based on extrapolational estimates (which are likely in error), the ship has been traveling here for the last 130 years.

An interesting side note- the Formics’ home system appears to be have been emitting detectable X-rays for at least 100 years. We had so many chances to find them before they found us, but we missed them all.

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UNIX Shaman

02 January 2016 by Richard Childers

Knowing the geometric dimensions of the mother ship, and particularly the landers, would help us to determine how many spacecraft, or emplacements, would be required in order to englobe, or encirle, the alien spacecraft in question.

It would also be useful to see those dimensions so that we could get some sort of worst-case idea of how many landers, troop transports and Formics are contained within the mothership, as well as how many troop transports and Formics are contained within each lander.

Knowing this allows us to better estimate the upper boundary on how many resources will be required in order to affirmatively resolve this problem – which makes it much easier to persuade governments and decision makers to work together.

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Secret Discovery

30 September 2015 by Joël

Turns out the formics are ticklish under their middle set of arms. Tickling these armpits sets them into an arresting state of laughter. While they’re incapacitated you’re free to stop their heads. You’re welcome.

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How to Kill?

23 June 2015 by Chinese Government

Formics show weakness in the head… One shot to the head and they are dead, blows to the body can take two or three hits before they are taken down. Recommend to use this efficient method.

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