Stop The Formics

Information and tactics to repel the invasion.


08 July 2017 by Arjuna

Over the last few day Eros(the asteroid)has seemingly faded away to both radar and visible light. Why not being an expert in the area, I suggest the I.F. should servey the area for Formics to see if they’re involved the disappearance of Eros.

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25 May 2017 by Nikolai Delphiki

The Formics clearly communicate faster than light. Is there any way we could send out some sort of light wave to jam their communication? Would they be able to function without their collective conciousness?

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08 April 2017 by F. Mercury

What others have said about a queen seems to be right. She is a killer queen. She seems to communicate with her minions telepathically, it’s a kind of magic. If you find yourself under pressure from these aliens try to break free before another one bites the dust.

I believe we can win, we are the champions. Formics, we will ROCK YOU!

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Tech Ideas

03 January 2017 by Victor Delgado

We can’t all enlist with the IF but we do all have something to contribute to this war. I have been attempting to come up with any tech that might help Marines in the IF when facing the Formics. Several of my ideas are in need of review and constructive criticism. If anyone knows anything about engineering, mechanics, or has knowledge of what could be useful and what could be deadly to soldiers in battle feedback would be appreciated. The only way we will win this is if we all work together. We can win, we can.

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The darkside of Formics

17 August 2016 by Speaker for the Dead

I have managed to climb into an area I suspected to be a Formic hive while taking a break on a colony planet during a funeral. I can’t be sure because it is pitch black in there. However, one room, deep in the heart of the hive, had light. The light centered above an area of holes in the ground, covered in strange liquids and what appeared to be Formic legs. Inside these holes were small capsules about the size of a human hand; eggs, as I suspect. It seems the Formic Hive Queen only ever lays new workers in light, while the colony can only survive in the dark. She even seems to kill other workers to create these new ones or new queens… Hence those legs. It seems scientifically impossible but I had to get out thanks to the lack of air so I only have theories. A novel called “Xenocide” containing myths of the Formics is where you can find more data to my theories. I hope to return soon with more info

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